Here are a few of my favorite simple Sonatinas.

If you've taught these before, you'll be pleased to be reminded of them. If they are new to you, you're in for a treat!

Vandall Jazz Sonatina Cover

by Robert Vandall is the first piece that I ever taught by him and it remains one of my favorites. Comfortable hand position changes and interesting harmonies. Any movement can be a stand-alone recital piece, but my students particularly love the third movement. Intermediate with a few snazzy but challenging rhythms.

Showtime Sonatina by Jane Bastien

by Jane Bastien is a piece with jazzy rhythms and a big, important sound. It's such a favorite of my students that I have to be careful not to give it to more than one at a time. Otherwise there's a fight over who gets to play it on the recital! Elementary/Late Elementary

Postcard Sonatina by Hidy/Snell

Postcard Sonatina

is a perfect first Sonatina for a student who likes Diane Hidy's Attention Grabber Books. A great introduction to the form of a Sonatina, with a just a few flourishes to make it a showy recital piece. Elementary.

Gillock Sonatina in G Cover

by William Gillock. Late elementary. This piece is perfectly written, beautiful and sweet. I give this piece to my more musical students as a challenge piece. It looks harder than it is - reading is a bit tricky, but it's completely worth it. Every student I've ever taught it to has loved it. Suitable for a child just heading into early intermediate repertoire.